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Everything You Need To Know About Getting Approval For A New Patio

Everything you need to know about getting approval for a new patio

For many homeowners, renovations and home building projects can be a stressful time with so many considerations and decisions to keep track of, as well as the demands of work and family life. It makes sense to use an experienced custom patio builder to complete a new patio, as they will stick to the budget and timetable for the construction, and know what planning permits are required from local councils and how to navigate through any obstacles.

Why council approval matters?

It is important that you have local council approval before you commence any significant building structures, like a patio, to avoid any problems further down the track. If you were to proceed without council permission, you could be forced to demolish any or all work on the patio and could also be fined a hefty amount. Should you later wish to sell your home and you have structures like a patio that aren’t in the plans, this can be a deal breaker for potential buyers.

51 Everything you need to know about getting approval for a new patio
Become your own builder

You can apply for a building licence yourself, which involves lodging a site plan of the proposed structure with various specifications, distances and boundaries marked out. You will also need to complete other forms and documents, such as agreements from neighbours and a planning application form filled in by the homeowner, and lodge them with the council.

The buildings approval process takes approximately four weeks to complete, though it may vary depending on council regulations and the complexity of your plans and any objections from neighbours. Alternately you can leave this process to your patio builders who have experience with handling all this type of work.

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