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The One Stop Patio Shop blog is full of articles and news about the latest trends in Perth outdoor living areas. Find information on patios, pergolas, carports, patio furnishing, alfresco rooms and more.

Design Ideas to Restore your Patio for Summer Entertaining

Have you stopped using your patio as frequently because your indoor space looks better? If so, then this probably means that your neglected patio needs a makeover. What are Perth patios good for anyway? Reading a book on a lazy weekend, and Enjoying a hot beverage in the dazzling dawn or soft dusk. With some truly beautiful weather of warm days and a gentle breeze, patios in Perth need more attention than we’re probably giving them. Now is the time to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor entertaining. Read…

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Low maintenance ways to maximise your outdoor space

With all the emphasis on interior design remodelling and renovations, don’t forget about your patio! There’s no denying that Australian backyards are shrinking, but a smartly designed patio will be an entertainer’s focal point to balmy evenings and family get-togethers. That’s why it’s important now more than ever that a limited backyard is utilised to maximise the (illusion of) outdoor space. No matter whether your dwelling sits on an 800m2 block or a 300m2 block, low-maintenance tips will enhance your Perth Patio. Enjoy the outdoors again with the Patio Perth…

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Patio Roofing – Why Go Insulated

If you are looking at getting roofing for your patio, why not consider insulated roofing. At One Stop Patio Shop we would be happy to talk to you about insulation so you can make your own decisions about what works best for you. Keeping It Comfortable Insulated roofing helps to keep your patio more comfortable. Throughout the summer, the temperatures fluctuate, and you want to make sure that no matter what is going on with the weather, your patio is an enjoyable temperature. If you get insulated roofing that has…

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3 Ways to Summer Proof your Patio

Summer is here, and with it comes to high temperatures and sweltering hot weather. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have thought about summer proofing your patio. You are going to want to be able to enjoy this weather and the time that you can spend outside, but you need to ensure that you are doing this in the safest possible way. Patios are going to be a problem here because the high heat and humidity can often leave you feeling uncomfortable. So, what can you…

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Skillion patio

Creating the perfect patio space comes with many great benefits.

Creating the perfect patio space comes with many great benefits. Your garden will become far more usable, you’ll be able to invite guests over without feeling embarrassed at the state of your patio, and it makes for a tranquil meeting space for your family. Without a beautiful patio that follows the latest design and material trends, you’re wasting the potential in your backyard. The Ultimate Outdoor Space Whether it’s to eat dinner, host a party or even use as a hobby area, a well-designed patio is one of the most…

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timber alfresco 3

Why You Should Get a New Patio

There are many things you can spend your money on when it comes to making improvements to your home and outdoor space. So, why should you get a new patio rather than choose one of the other upgrades? That’s a good question and it’s what we’re going to answer for you right here. Patios bring so many benefits to your property and if you’re not sure what they are, you can find out below, so keep reading. Increase the Shade in Your Garden One of the best things about installing…

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Types of Patios and Who are they best suited for?

There are many types of patio you could choose for your outdoor space. Now might be a good time to think about which patio you might like. That way, you have it in place and ready to use in time for summer. If it’s something you’re considering, the information below will help you learn more about the options that are out there now. Gable Patios Gable Roof Patios are very popular and have been for the last 15 years. Our standard gable patios have an 18-degree pitch, allowing for better…

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Planning your New Patio for the Perth Summer

Summer is the festive season, so you want to get your patio in shape to entertain and enjoy the sun. However, deciding how to do it isn't straightforward. There are plenty of options, and lots of patio Perth companies to match. The tension only adds to your stress levels as you try to create the perfect living space for Christmas and New Year. The good news is that we have got your back. As one of the leading patio Perth contractors, we have the knowledge and experience to lend a…

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dome patio with natural light

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Patio Builder

Choosing the right company to install your patio is just as important as, if not more important than, choosing the right materials. Select a company that you trust and someone who will deliver a quality product.  Choosing a well-known local patio builder is the first step to making a smart choice – follow the steps below to make sure you are making the best choice for your new home investment! 1.Read reviews Reading reviews on a patio builder is a great way to discover how past customers have felt about…

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6 ways to create YOUR perfect entertaining area

Aussies are good at outdoor entertaining, in fact, we spend 7.5hrs a week outside in our gardens – more than anywhere else in the world. With most of the country experiencing long spells of warm weather, it’s no wonder outdoor living is so popular. Longer evenings allow for more time outside so now is the time to make sure you're ready for entertaining. It can be easy, and it all depends on what you want to achieve. Here are the top 6 ways to create YOUR perfect entertaining area. Create a…

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