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Yes, They Even Design Rugs For Outdoor Patios!

Rugs can be attractive and striking elements of outdoor patio designs, as long as you choose a rug that matches your patio’s style and won’t be easily damaged.


If your outdoor rug will be exposed to the open air and elements, you’ll need to choose a hard wearing material that won’t be vulnerable to sun exposure, humidity, rain and early morning frost. Sturdy synthetic fabrics can be the preferred option to resist mould, mildew and stains, or you may prefer materials such as bamboo for a tough, natural looking rug.


Rugs can be a great addition to a patio when used correctly, either placed at entrance points, as centrepieces or under an outdoor table setting. If your rug will be subject to foot traffic from outdoors, it will likely need frequent cleaning, whereas rugs in the centre of enclosed patios can be kept pristine.


If you’re planning on using a large rug as a main feature of your patio, you should ensure you don’t buy one that’s too large for the space available. Measuring your patio will give you a guide when choosing rugs, remembering to leave enough space around the edge for foot traffic and furniture.


Like any other piece of furnishing or décor, your rug should match your patio’s existing style, though you can enjoy more freedom of expression with patterns and designs compared to an indoor carpet.

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