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Liquid Limestone Guide

Liquid Limestone Guide

If you’re looking for an affordable and attractive alternative to concrete paving, Liquid limestone is a very popular pavement option in Western Australia.


What is Liquid Limestone made of?

Liquid limestone is a mixture of crushed limestone, concrete, and other additives that are mixed, poured and spread like concrete.

The strength of liquid limestone is not regulated like concrete, which makes it very difficult to figure out if you’re getting a quality product.Discuss the mix strength with your contractor to ensure you get the best possible durability.


Liquid Limestone Aesthetics

Liquid Limestone can add a natural look to your outdoor area and can be poured into almost any shape. It looks spectacular and comes in a whole range of textures and styles to give you more choice and helps you create a great entertaining area.

There are no gaps in a poured liquid limestone driveway or patio, but control lines are cut into liquid limestone to prevent cracking, and stencil patterns are used to make it closely resemble standard limestone pavers.

Liquid limestone has a natural “Mediterranean” appearance and colour that feels cool underfoot even in direct sunlight.

How to finish Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone is very porous and, as such, the requirement for a good quality sealer cannot be overstated.

If left unprotected the pores in the limestone will soak up spills quickly and stains will develop almost immediately. The pores also provide lots of tiny voids were algae and bacteria can gain a footing and begin to multiply.

A professional service will come back the day after the liquid limestone has set and apply a sealer. A water-based sealer or a solvent based sealer can be applied for adequate protection to keep your liquid limestone looking fresh for years to come.


How to clean Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone makes it incredibly easy to maintain and keep your outdoor entertainment area in good condition for many years.By opting for liquid limestone, you get the same look and high-quality finish as limestone paving without the risk of weed growth and finicky maintenance.

To clean any spills, start by soaking up the spill with paper towels, then flush the area with a small amount of water and a very mild detergent. Finally, wipe the surface dry with a cloth.

Because of the porous nature of liquid limestone bacteria, algae, and mould spores can send down tiny roots into these pores causing microscopic fractures that lead to increased weathering and erosion. To deal with any build-up of grime or mould start with high-pressure cleaning.

Apply water mixed with pool chlorine and scrub the area with a broom to wash it off, remember to never use acidic cleaners on sensitive pavers and stone.

Liquid Limestone around the pool

A liquid limestone pool surround creates a seamless envelope around your pool and flows seamlessly to your patio outdoor entertainment area.

Algae needs water and light to grow effectively. Algae will grow on most external surfaces but can be particularly prevalent on liquid limestone, as unsealed limestone retains a lot of water and there is an abundant amount of light.

The best way to keep the algae in check is to make sure the contractor pouring your limestone has everything included in their scope of their work – this means they should cover pouring/installation and sealing.


Liquid Limestone Under a Patio

The pale colour of limestone reflects most of the sun’s rays and is the main reason why it stays nice and cool. Reflected light can be very beneficial and can help to get some light into darker areas such as alfresco and shaded garden areas.

Naturally, you want to find a good paving option that’s easy to maintain. Brick pavers will require more maintenance because the space between the bricks allows weeds to grow. Liquid limestone eliminates this problem which significantly shortens the time spent maintaining your outdoor patio areas.

Other benefits of using Liquid Limestone include:

  • Cool underfoot
  • Non-slip
  • Durable and strong
  • No sinking pavers
  • Helps to save water
  • Modern design
  • Increases property value
  • Variety of colours
  • Range of patterns


Liquid Limestone Cost

Liquid limestone is a more practical choice for modern homes, especially during Perth’s scorching summers. Job prices vary based on the size of the job, location, site accessibility, and the different finishes to the paving which means each job has to be priced individually.


One Stop Patio Shop

One Stop Patio Shop’s liquid limestone is a cost-effective solution that will enhance your new patio or brighten any alfresco makeover. Contact us for more information and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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