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The perks of window wall systems

If you’re looking for creative patio design ideas, window walls can be great ways to bring more light into your patio and the rest of your home, while also being versatile enough to offer shade when needed.

This video from Rick Edwards demonstrates how window wall systems can be incorporated into patios and sun rooms to improve light distribution and allow properties to benefit from natural light in the winter, without compromising heat efficiency in the summer months. These slider windows can be fitted with screens that are easily removed when not required and for ease of cleaning, with double locks for security.

Window walls can also improve ventilation compared to standard walls, and can be ventilated on one or both sides, with weather stripping around the edge to make them airtight, so you won’t have to worry about losing heat in the winter or high cooling costs in the summer.

The panels and bars around window walls can be made from a range of materials, from timber for a traditional look to low maintenance aluminium and steel, available in a range of colours. The screen fabric itself should be suitably durable to avoid getting damaged easily, with memory mesh made from woven fibre being recommended, which will return to its original shape following impacts.

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