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Working with One Stop Patio Shop was as easy as we had been told.  We had done all our research and knew a few people who had used One Stop Patio Shop to build their patios, so for us it seemed an obvious choice.  We researched online what people were saying about One Stop Patio Shop and the customer service seemed to stand out.  We already had a patio, but it was old and rickety, what we wanted was effectively an outside man cave.  We had a sit down with Kim, the rep from One Stop and he did all the measurements and we chatted about our expectations.  After another appointment (to confirm exact details) we went ahead.  The timeline was explained to use and it was an easy timeline to follow.  One Stop Patio Shop completed all the paperwork for Council approval and pushed everything through.  Once our patio was up (about 14 weeks from the initial consultation) we were able to make it the man cave that we had desired.

At the same time we were lucky enough to spin the wheel.  Wow, we actually won a prize and it was a bloody good prize – $2000 travel voucher.  This was an absolute godsend, instead of going on a wonderful holiday we put this voucher to work and got our parents out from UK.  This meant that our parents received a once in a lifetime month long trip to the land of milk and honey.

Thank you One Stop Patio Shop.

Emma Bevington (aka Russell’s PA!!)

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